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“My mother taught us to believe in what we created.”

Bruce’s childhood memories include a steady stream of projects inspired by his mother, an elementary school teacher, in which he and his sister spent hours painting, drawing and developing their creative skills. Those creative roots formed the basis for a life-long interest in architecture and the built environment.

“I spent my childhood turning old appliance boxes into cardboard fantasies that, in my mind, raced around the track at the Indianapolis 500 or took to the sky defending the world from space invaders.”

Bruce A. Wright, AIA, LEED AP Vice President and Principal

An early survey course in Architectural History, which included a three-day field trip to San Francisco, piqued Bruce’s interest in pursuing architecture as a profession. As part of his professional degree from the University of Arizona, a year abroad in Europe allowed him to study classical architecture alongside some of the most modern expressions of the built environment, and solidify his dedication to the profession. With nearly two decades at SB Architects, Bruce has an international reputation for planning and designing high-profile hospitality and mixed-use developments around the globe. His intrepid efforts solidified the firm’s presence throughout Southeast Asia and North America and established some long-standing relationships with clients and partner.

“This was a very influential period in my architectural education. It was through those buildings that I came to understand the breadth and variety of the architectural vocabulary, and how the language of those buildings impacts the users and the built environment as a whole.”

Bruce A. Wright, AIA, LEED AP Vice President and Principal

In this role, he coordinates office-wide initiatives and engages teams in participating in projects where the objective aligns with and furthers the firm’s mission and vision. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with many of the world’s leading hotel operators and real estate developers.

“Architecture has a huge impact on shaping peoples’ lives – in the present, decades from now, even centuries from now.”

Bruce A. Wright, AIA, LEED AP Vice President and Principal