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“I strive to be a strategic thinker with a passionate soul.”

Raised amid a family of musicians, Emilio’s first love was music. As time went by, he came to the realization that music and architecture are intrinsically related, sharing many essential elements – movement, style, rhythm, harmony, mathematics, measurement, technique and form. Both are an expression of beauty, characterized by the composition of color, tonality, texture and movement.

“I grew up as a musician, and to this day it is an integral part of who I am. Once I learned I could channel my creativity and passion for music into architecture and fulfill my desire to convey my passions and emotions through this type of artistry, the rest was history. Johann Wolfgang van Goethe said that architecture is frozen music. I could not agree more.”

Emilio Perez, Vice President and Principal

Finding inspiration in the passion and musicality of Antonio Gaudi, the inherent beauty and breadth of Alvar Aalto, and Oscar Niemeyer’s incomparable combination of efficiency and vision, Emilio brings his own innate talents to his leadership role in the firm’s Miami office. Passionate and dedicated, Emilio is truly a “people person,” with an instinctive leadership style.

“I’m inspired by many things, but particularly by the concept of storytelling through architecture. The stories we create through the structures we design become other peoples’ experiences, other peoples’ memories. The destinations we create give life to the stories other people will tell. We give shape experiences, and in doing so we help shape peoples’ lives.”

Emilio Perez, Vice President and Principal

Emilio’s multi-faceted experience and successful career in the hospitality industry provide a valuable element of SB Architects’ worldwide architectural practice. Whether he is acting as design principal, pursuing business development or advancing the firm’s strategic goals, his passion for the artistry of architecture and his dedication to the firm shine through.

“My father had a deep effect upon my life and career. Besides sharing his passion for music, he taught me that when relating to others, try to add to the relationship or – even better – multiply. Avoid subtracting from any situation or project and never, ever, divide. I take that to heart every day.”

Emilio Perez, Vice President and Principal