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“I’m inspired by the process of architecture.”

Jorey’s childhood was filled with creativity. She and her siblings grew up watching her father – who owned an exhibit design/build company – turn materials like wood, steel, plastic, even paper mache into a wide range of built exhibits. Creative projects, art and music abounded in her household. Encouraged to explore and experiment, she had many interests, and considered a range of professions as she grew up.

“My parents inspired me throughout my life – modeling a positive outlook, creative expression and passion. My father’s warehouse was my toy store– dizzying my brain with possibilities every time I walked through those huge doors.”

Jorey Friedman, Principal Vice President

Encouraged by her father to consider architecture, she found the perfect fit for her broad range of interests. Fascinated by transformation, process and change – taking parts and pieces, materials and ideas and assembling them to create something entirely new – Jorey has become a champion of the design process during her 20-year tenure at SB Architects.

“Creativity of all kinds inspires me. Great architecture of all genres inspires me. Geometries found in nature inspire me. Art supply and hardware stores inspire me. Most of all, I am inspired by the process of architecture – taking an idea from the initial scribbles on paper and guiding it through the intricate process of becoming a building that people move through, live in, experience, and ultimately, enjoy.”

Jorey Friedman, Principal Vice President

With her instinctive leadership style, Jorey brings a strong design sensibility to the team, championing both the art and process of architecture. She has the unique ability to create and sustain a strong project vision from concept through to construction, and the capacity to establish and nurture the relationship between client and design team that allows that vision to become a reality.

“As a woman, I know I contribute a sense of balance to our firm’s leadership group. In this group of amazing and varied talents, it is really quite remarkable how, together, we form a truly balanced whole.”

Jorey Friedman, Principal Vice President