We embark upon the design process by establishing and nurturing the relationships and communication of ideas that will be critical to the design process. Trust, mutual respect and a well-established system of communication are the keys to building productive, meaningful and lasting working relationships.


In the design process, the site comes first, the regional architectural history come first, culture and traditions come first. We begin with a study of these inherent factors, while we build relationships and establish the needs of the client and project program. The place where the two come together forms the starting point for our design process. Whether the eventual design solution is traditional or contemporary, it should be culturally and contextually relevant. It’s this authentic response that we strive for.


The charette is a sharing of ideas, a brainstorming session set within the context of the site and team. It is an honest, exhilarating, exhausting, and unbelievably productive way to establish a shared vision for the project.


Perhaps our greatest strength is in creating and maintaining the project vision. As stewards for the team’s shared vision for the project, we guide that vision through the design process as we address challenges, take advantage of opportunities and meet the needs of the project program.


With five decades of experience and countless constructed projects, we appreciate the critical role that expertly executed construction documents play in the success of a project. Whether we are providing full architectural services, or teaming with an architect-of-record half-way around the world, the relationships, trust and dialogue we establish within our design and development team allow us to successfully shepherd each project through to completion.