“At Dorado Beach, we were creating the brand standard for The Ritz Reserve. SB understands creating a brand through design."
Friedel Stubbe, Chairman and CEO, Prisa Group


“We love SB Architects. They are such wonderful collaborators.”
Catherine Bartolomei, Founder and Proprietor, Farmhouse Inn

“SB Architects has an incredible body of work that speaks to their talent at bringing the spirit of a destination to life.”
Mark Harmon, Managing Partner, Auberge Resorts


“SB Architects helped us realize an inspired vision...the visual impact truly befits the largest spa destination in the world.”
Kenneth Chu, Chairman and CEO, Mission Hills Group

“SB Architects is a perfect fit for our team, not only from a design standpoint, but because they really understand hospitality.”
Fred and Andre Smith, Co-Founders, Guesthouse Hospitality