SB Architects Inspiring Future Architects

Last week we were excited to host an important visitor to our San Francisco office.

Nathan, an inquisitive 6th grader, visited SB Architects three years ago as a part of our annual “Architects of the Future” field trip. Each spring, we host a class of 3rd graders for a morning, giving them a tour, letting them know what it’s like to be an architect, and putting them to work on a fun and educational “dream house” project that they can take home. The day is a hit with kids and hosts alike, and we look forward to it every spring.

Still thinking about his trip three years later, Nathan e-mailed us to ask if he could visit again, and learn a little more about the profession – now that he has reached the ripe old age of 11. We were thrilled to oblige.

We talked about our love of architecture, and our passion for creating unique destinations all over the world. He was all ears.

Megan gave a quick tutorial.

SB Architects Culture-Architects of the Future-01

Matt talked about teamwork and communication – the key to it all.

SB Architects Culture-An Office Visit 2

We’re proud to be a positive influence on the architects of the future, one architect at a time.