Architects of the Future

Starting in 2006, we began inviting local third grade classes into our office for a hands-on look at what it’s like to be an architect. What began through a personal relationship with a teacher at San Francisco’s Town School for boys, expanded to include third graders from the Katherine Del Mar Burke School for girls and the Malcom X Academy. By giving these children from three very different schools a glimpse into the world of architecture, we hope to encourage them to dream about architecture as a profession.

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We don’t just show them what we do. We have them do it themselves. For a whole morning, they are the architects, working with our mentors to design their own private dream houses.


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We make it fun – giving them sites ranging from a private island to a tree-house to spark their imagination. Using custom-designed templates, they create their own spaces, learning about scale, area and perimeter in the process.


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We don’t stop there…while the children work on their dream houses, one of our designers works on the same project – in the same time one-hour time frame. At the end of the hour, our in-house designer presents his design, teaching the children about solving problems, creating sustainable solutions and dreaming big.

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