An Award for the Largest Spa Complex in the World

The Volcanic Mineral Springs & Spa at Mission Hills Haikou, the world’s largest spa complex, has received the Modern Decoration International Media Awards Recreational Project of the Year.

The Spa at Mission Hills Hainan takes its initial design inspiration from the traditional Hakka Earthen Fortress Villages of Southern China – distinctive communal structures that have been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites for their unique contribution to the history of building and human settlement. These circular structures, which rise several stories, encircle gracious open courtyards. Historically used for defense and communal living, these circular structures and courtyards now offer the opportunity for an exceptional spa experience in a peaceful, protected, meditative environment.

The Volcanic Mineral Springs, which pays homage to ancient bathing rituals around the world, measures an incredible 21 acres and is organized into a series of five continental zones in which the architecture, landscape and therapeutic treatments reflect the indigenous qualities of Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The zones are linked by a dramatic 800-meter bamboo-covered walkway, which snakes through the spa grounds, resembling a dragon’s spine when viewed from the air.