Branding Work by SB Architects Creative Services Group

We partner with companies who aspire to unlock the unique value of their brand. Through collaboration and in-depth consultation, we deliver expert branding, design and communications services to help our clients achieve their potential. For our Creative Services practice, we start by trying to understand the purpose of a project or company through exploratory visioning sessions. We then define the brand and build a strategic foundation that aligns with the overall vision. We examine and organize brand systems, names, and structures. Our workshops and design sessions identify and articulate the unique amenities, programming, products, and experiences that will drive value and guide the long-term planning and success of a project. SB Architects’ team of expert graphic designers, art directors, and media specialists will assist in generating content to be used in fulfilling the sales, brand and marketing objectives.

Communication + Branding

We will assist the client by defining brand intent and craft a marketing approach around those principles. We will create a compelling statement which tells a story through copy and representative imagery that align with the aspirations of the Project. Through singular points where creativity, confidence, expression, and science meet, we assist clients to realize their full potential. We are consistently exploring new and innovative techniques to reach the targeted end user. We use a classic investigative technique to discover what’s compelling and unique about each project – not only from a design standpoint but also from a geographic and demographic perspective. We believe brand equity is achieved when audiences and brands forge an emotional connection.

Park City, Utah

Graphic Design + Illustration

After we develop a unique identity, we bring it all together with a compelling creative campaign. Our narratives, graphic design, and illustration encompass the full range of marketing collateral, from layouts through to print management, if required.

1149 Ashford, Puerto Rico 


At the very core of our work is our computer generated and professionally curated photography. Each image is a carefully crafted micro-story designed to convey information, meaning, and emotion to the viewer. Our visualization and photographic work increasingly overlap with film and animation. Our work includes CGI Still Imagery, Virtual Reality, Photographic Art Direction, Video Production and Drone Production.

Ascaya, Las Vegas

Online and Interactive 

Online and interactive work is wide-ranging and continues to expand as technology converges. Technology is a great enabler and allows us to seamlessly integrate our visualization and film capabilities with online and mobile opportunities.

West Farm, Omaha