Architecture Classes for Children? Why Is It a Good Idea

“When children engage in the process of designing, they are learning to identify opportunities, frame problems, work collaboratively, explore the contexts within which a solution must work, weigh alternatives, and communicate their ideas in three dimensions,” Bruce Wright, Senior Vice President.

Each year, SB Architects participates with the local school community to immerse young minds in creative play, to experiment regardless of the outcome and to design without inhibition. Design thinking is about experimenting with new, unexpected ways to solve problems and these building exercises embrace youth’s universal desire to create with their hands.

“These design sessions put ideas to work in scenarios that allow children to test themselves and share the value of learning in everyday life,” Teresa Ruiz, Vice President.

Here are 11 skills children are invited to practice and master while being fully immersed in engaging, design-related activities:

1. How to envision new possibilities — finding balance between familiar and fresh
2. How to study a situation in depth — engaging all senses, paying attention, asking questions, keeping an open mind
3. How to face the unknown — cultivating the love of mystery
4. How to make unexpected connections — thinking by building
5. How to prioritize — making choices
6. How to give form to ideas — visualizing potential solutions and rapidly prototyping them
7. How to think across boundaries — solving a problem in a variety of ways
8. How to embrace ambiguity — allowing for success to arrive in stages
9. How to share insights in a collaborative manner — unfolding and opening up while enjoying the process
10. How to make an impact — distilling lessons learned to what is relevant in their lives
11. How to care deeply — looking at the world with a fresh eye, appreciating and valuing what is around them