Mission Hills Volcanic Mineral Springs and Spa Haikou

Mission Hills Volcanic Mineral Springs and Spa located in the volcanic region of Hainan Island. The spa comprises exquisite heat and water facilities, a wellness pavilion, Elements Café, Elements Bar, a nail spa, a hair salon and 90 treatment suites with a comprehensive array of treatment and rituals that are inspired by natural ingredients and elements indigenous to Hainan. The holistic wellness experiences and spa services present savvy sap-goers with the ultimate in total restoration and rejuvenation. Volcanic Mineral Springs features 168 hot and cold springs that originated in five continents. Pure spring water drawn from 800 meters underground is rich in minerals and trace elements that are recognized for their health-boosting and therapeutic benefits, it has also been certified by an accredited institute in the UK for premium quality.

Mission Hills Volcanic Mineral Springs & Spa is home to the largest natural springs reserve in the region. The property measures an incredible 21 acres, with a 215,000-square-foot spa. The Spa at Mission Hills is the central defining feature of the expansive mineral springs complex, surrounded by 473,000 square-feet of lushly landscaped gardens, more than 150 springs and water features, and treatment venues inspired by five regions – Asia, Oceania, North & South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“We are proud to introduce Mission Hills Volcanic Mineral Springs & Spa to a global audience – one that encompasses all from the avid golfer to the seeker of solitude to the travel aficionado – in search of uncharted destinations and discoveries,” said Scott A. Lee, president of SB Architects. “We believe we have created a destination that sets the standard by which design, service, and the spa experience are measured on Hainan Island and throughout China.”

The iconic main spa structure is comprised of soaring, semi-circular bamboo, rising from a massive lava stone base that is slightly canted to increase its sense of grandeur. The soaring sense of verticality imposed by the sustainable bamboo makes a powerful design statement, while the use of locally-abundant lava stone and bamboo firmly grounds the design in the nature and topography of Hainan Island.

With 61 spa treatment suites, the Spa takes its design inspiration from the traditional Hakka Earthen Fortress Villages of Southern China. These distinctive communal structures – historically used for defense and communal living – have been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites for their unique contribution to the history of the building and human settlement. The space fuses both western and oriental design elements in their most refined form while honoring the long-standing Chinese philosophies of balance and harmony.

The volcanic springs, which pay homage to ancient bathing rituals and healing journeys, are organized into a series of five continental zones in which the architecture, landscape and therapeutic treatments reflect the indigenous qualities of Asia and Oceania, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Different geographical zones are linked by a dramatic 800-meter bamboo-covered walkway, which snakes through the spa grounds, resembling a dragon’s spine when viewed from the air. Gateway pavilions reflecting the architectural heritage of each region provide ceremonial entry points to each of the destination points within this extensive, indoor/outdoor sanctuary.

The project is now GEO Certified by the Golf Environment Organization (GEO). Based in Scotland, the Golf Environmental Organization is committed to making golf a leader in sustainable sport and business. Certification is awarded following an independent assessment of sustainability and Mission Hills Haikou is the most significant project to receive this certification to date. This award-winning site is home to 10 golf courses and hosts numerous professional and amateur events, including the 2014 World Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament – the world’s first carbon-neutral sporting event.