Designer Profile: From Luxury Homes to Mixed-Use Projects, SB Architects Creates Unique Designs

The San Francisco Chronicle recently released a designer profile “From luxury homes to mixed-use projects, SB Architects creates unique designs.” SB Architects hosted the Chronicle for “Anatomy of a Workshop” — an in-depth exploration of the firm’s unique workshop and design process. During the session, various designers discussed this process and recent updates on ongoing projects from a mixed-use project in the Midwest that will attract thousands of people a day to an international portfolio featuring hotels, residential developments, single-family luxury homes and commercial spaces.

“We are in a communication business,” said Mark Sopp, Senior Vice President of SB Architects. “It’s very important that our clients are comfortable with us.” Knowing how to approach a project is vital to success, Sopp said. To that end, SB Architects has its clients conduct dot polling — a method that sees people choose from a variety of options using a limited number of stickers. The dot poll uses dozens of adjectives and clients choose a handful of their favorites. From keywords like “Authentic,” “Intimate,” “Distinctive” and “Immersive,” the team at SB Architects begins to sense a project’s destiny.

The architects also ask the clients to imagine their project in terms of traditional or modern, value or exclusivity and established or undiscovered. These sessions not only help develop the projects DNA, Sopp said, it also allows the team at SB Architects to see how the clients work amongst themselves. “You build consensus on a project by everyone being on the same page from the start,” Sopp said. That consensus goes a long way toward ensuring these multimillion dollar projects go as smoothly as possible.

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