Gulf Property News: How developers are raising the bar in Dubai’s luxury housing segment

Dubai’s love affair with luxury real estate is hardly headline news and differentiation in this competitive residential class often boils down to the finer design details, but the backing of a well-known international name adds extra investor kudos.


“We have also seen an increase in brand loyalty with guests seeking familiar luxury hotel brands when they travel or when they are considering buying homes,” says David Rychlowski, vice-president of US-based SB Architects, which also has a presence in the UAE, on Dubai’s thirst for luxury. “Typically part of larger mixed-use developments, branded residences satisfy the consumer desire for exclusive communities with rich amenities and services. Owning a luxury branded residence bears a greater assurance that residences will have quality services.”


Rychlowski also reports a shift in luxury spending from physical to more experiential features. He believes more brands will experiment with luxury offerings to differentiate themselves from the competition.


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