Anassa Hotel & Spa

Polis, Cyprus
Thanos Hotels
Project Type
Resort Hotel
  • 184 Guest Rooms
  • Roman Spa
  • Village Square
  • Restaurants
  • Chapel
  • Pools
  • Sport Courts

This luxury resort sits on a rise overlooking a pristine beach with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is surrounded by luxury villas that step gracefully down to the water, in the ancient tradition of Mediterranean hill towns.  Authenticity and sophisticated luxury were the primary design goals. The architecture is an elegant interpretation of the traditional Greek Cypriot vernacular, with whitewashed walls, low-pitched tile roofs, simple massing and clean details. Particular attention was paid to the seamless integration of the architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design to create a powerfully unified experience for guests of this one-of-a-kind resort.