• Dreamtown

    Shenzhen, China

  • dreamtown
Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Vanke Real Estate Company
Project Type
New Community
  • 98 Acres
  • 4 Million sf Residential
  • 300,000 sf Commercial
  • 250,000 sf Schools & Civic Buildings
  • Community Center

This project was one of the early developments to take place in response to the growing need for middle-class housing in the Guangdong Province. Located just outside the city of Shenzhen, Dreamtown includes over four million square feet of residential development in a broad range of housing types, ranging from attached on-grade townhouses to 20-story, high-rise apartment buildings. The project serves workers in the adjacent high-tech/industrial zone and commuters to Shenzhen, as well as providing housing for workers within the new community. Commercial development, as well as numerous schools and civic structures, support the needs of the residents.

Certified 3-star, the highest rating in China’s Green Rating System

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