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Golden Pebble Winery

Set on 200 hectares, this expansive development is the first wine-centric resort in China’s Liaoning Province and is at the forefront of China’s wine boom. A collaboration between SB Architects and EDSA, this destination resort will include a welcome center, full-production winery, boutique hotel, commercial village, and residential villas. Clustered along the length of the narrow valley, the central village is surrounded by hillside vineyards, with residential development tucked into the upper reaches of the hills. The buildings are arranged to maximize views of the surrounding vineyards from every possible vantage point and create a sense of discovery throughout the development. Each component of the project will have its own scale and character, but each will be a contemporary expression of the history wine-making. Building forms and materials have been carefully selected to help reinforce the authenticity of place while creating a warm and welcoming environment.


Dalian, China
Dalian Golden Pebble Winery co. ltd.
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