• Hilton Fuxian Lake

    Kunming, China

Kunming, China
Mission Hills & Ymci Group
Project Type
Destination Resort
  • 330-Suite Hotel & Spa
  • Conference Center
  • Golf Clubhouse
  • Residential Villas

Set at the crest of a bluff, this spectacular resort is designed to take full advantage of majestic lake views, and embrace the surrounding hills as it steps down toward the shoreline. Part of the Fuxian Lake Sunhill International Eco-tourism Leisure Vacation Community, this hotel and clubhouse are dramatically sited on a peninsula overlooking Fuxian Lake. Rolling hills reminiscent of the shores of the Mediterranean coast, and cultural traditions immersed in local agriculture and fishing, suggested a design that embraces the vernacular of the traditional Mediterranean hillside town. The grand hotel, with formal gardens that descend to the lakefront, is surrounded by lower-scale residences and resort amenities tucked into the hillside.

The deepest plateau freshwater lake in China, and one of the most beautiful.