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Konka Moon River

SB Architects worked with EDSA to design the master plan, architecture and landscape concept for this new community in the ancient water town of Zhouzhuang, near Shanghai. Zhouzhang sits within a region largely defined by water - dotted with lakes and crisscrossed by rivers. By sculpting and filling land along the Baixian River, the plan allows water to weave through the site, re-creating and expanding upon the water town concept. A large percentage of the residences and public buildings will have water frontage, and the vibrant commercial district is bisected by waterways, in an homage the water towns that form such an important part of the region's heritage. While the plan expands upon a traditional concept, the architectural style is decidedly contemporary, allowing the project to represent both the region's past and its future.


Zhouzhuang, China
Project type
New Community
292-Key Hotel & Villas
Retail & Commercial Village
Conference Center
2,500 Residences
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