Lustica Bay

Lustica, Montenegro
Orascom Development
Project Type
Mixed-use Resort
  • Marina
  • Mixed-Use Retail Village
  • Resort Villas
  • Boutique Hotel

Lustica Bay Marina Village comprises the first phase of the Lustica Bay seaside resort community, sited on the spectacularly beautiful Lustica Peninsula on Montenegro’s rugged coastline.  The rich history and textured landscape provide the inspiration for the planning and design.  The architecture evokes the picturesque seaside villages that are so deeply intertwined with the history and fabric of the Mediterranean, with tightly knit village structures that step down the hillsides, a busy yet cohesive multitude of tile roofs, stone bases that seem to rise out of the land itself, intimate stairways and courtyards, deeply framed windows and balconies, wood shutters and repeated arches reminiscent of ancient aquaducts.  Tiered promenades will make this a truly pedestrian seaside town, connecting the many residential product types with neighboring hotels, retail, dining and amenities, all nestled into the hillsides surrounding the marina.