• private-yoga-fitness-retreat
  • Private Yoga & Fitness Retreat

    Atherton, CA

  • private-yoga-fitness-retreat
Atherton, CA
Private client
Project Type
Wellness Center
  • Yoga Studio
  • Fitness Studio
  • Treatment Room With Outdoor Shower Court
  • Spa Court

This wellness retreat located within a private estate on the San Francisco peninsula sits on its own one-acre site, but serves as an amenity to an estate that encompasses four residential parcels. The retreat is closely connected to the main estate and gardening conservatory on either side, yet it occupies its own tranquil world, shielded by privet hedges and stands of trees. Visitors to this private compound enter through an opening in the hedge and traverse an intimate spa courtyard, approaching the structures via stepping stones set within a rectilinear pond, literally crossing over water as they make their journey. Two structures, positioned at right angles to one another, provide separate spaces for yoga and fitness. From within the buildings, views open out to an expansive, oval-shaped lawn beyond. The architecture is contemporary, but simple, natural materials connect it intimately to the landscape.

“There is a big emphasis on personalized wellness, which is set to grow…”

private-yoga-fitness-retreat private-yoga-fitness-retreat