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Union SF

Union SF is composed of two buildings built a century apart and unified around an oversized shared courtyard. Union SF is a residential community located where two of San Francisco's most vibrant neighborhoods, the Mission District and Potrero Hill, meet. This project combines flats and two-level townhouses for a total of 76 residential units. An existing three-story brick warehouse transformed into 23 residential units, and a new courtyard building adjacent to the warehouse now houses 53 units. Five levels of residences overlook a courtyard one level below grade, while four levels overlook the street. The design of the new construction is distinctly urban with eclectic references that reflect the neighborhood, which includes residential, industrial, commercial and retail enterprises. A mixture of materials, combined with set-back elements, bays, and covered balconies, creates a lively facade.


San Francisco, CA
Palisades Development Group
Project type
Multi-Family Residential/Adaptive Re-Use