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Xingyi Grand Gorge

Bordering the spectacular Maling Gorge, this new resort and residential community is cradled within a natural bowl carved by the ancient glaciers that gave this area its breath-taking, other-worldly beauty. The Rees Jones-designed golf course lines the base of the bowl, anchored by an expansive clubhouse and golf villas. Set into the surrounding slope, at a distance from the gorge to retain its natural contours, the resort hotel and spa overlook the course. As the development moves further back within the valley, away from the gorge, the community increases in density, At the far end of the valley, the commercial center acts as both the community’s gateway and its social hub.


Xingyi, China
Huron Real Estate
Project type
New Resort Community
198 Hectares
4,000+ Multi-Family Residential Units
325 Residential Villas
Commercial Village
Resort Hotel & Spa
Golf Clubhouse
18-Hole Rees Jones Golf Course