#SBFit – Design for Wellness and Wellness for our Designers

One of the most important trends we are seeing in design of hospitality destinations is the growing importance of sustainability, stewardship and wellness in the hospitality industry. As an industry, we are designing destinations that care for the earth, and take care of us at the same time.

So as members of the architecture and design community – who often work long, hard hours to make the vision for these incredible destinations come to life – what are we doing to take care of ourselves? At SB Architects, we have taken that challenge to heart. In 2014, we’ve launched #SBFit, an initiative across all of our offices to promote health and wellness from within and, in so doing, put us in a better position to promote health and wellness in our projects. We are walking the walk….and running the run, and biking the bike…well, you get the picture.

Here are just a few of the many initiatives we are undertaking to promote health and wellness.


We’ve partnered with Andrew Duffy from Thrive SF, our very own personal trainer, who leads us in lunch-time fitness classes that focus on our top fitness priorities: core strength, flexibility, and general strength. Most importantly, they get us up and moving – together.


According to WebMD, exercise helps alleviate stress, enhances energy and sense of well-being and boosts brainpower. We return to work more relaxed, energized and productive. Not to mention happy and connected to our team, bolstered by the always available healthy drinks and snacks, (coconut water, juices, nuts, green tea…not a soda in sight).


But we haven’t stopped there.  In our San Francisco office, we get around town on our custom-designed #SBBikes, (with customized helmets, of course). In our Miami office, we practice yoga and zumba on our rooftop, and are in the final stages of planning our sustainable roof-top garden – a farm-to-table inspiration.

#SB Fit-05

We are putting our money where our heart is. This year, we are the presenting sponsor for the 3rd annual Bike to Hope. This fundraiser, organized by the City of Hope’s Northern California Real Estate & Construction Council, will be held on Friday, October 17 in Petaluma, California. We expect to host 150 cyclists from over 40 firms from the San Francisco Bay Area real estate and development community to raise funds for the City of Hope, one of the country’s leading research and treatment centers for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Support the cause by sponsoring a rider, or join us!


…and be sure to check back in as we expand our adventures in wellness.